So the journey begins

So I started doing the sites today full force after my Drs appointment. I am guessing I will slowly get followers as I post, so I will do my best to stick with it.


After signing up for many sites and the fun that goes with that I now am headed back to take surveys and move forward. The signing up process took approximately 2 hours for all the sites I signed up for. I will post the ones I can. I also am hoping that I won’t make this blog so cluttered that people get frustrated. I know how I feel when I go to sites and it is a mess or not very well written.


I will let my readers know how each site does and how the payouts or gifts are so they know if the time is worth it. I am sure that there are a few that are not. I also will post links to them so you may go there if you so desire.


During my blog writing I will be very open about what has brought me to this level of work and why I am choosing to do it. I hope to inspire some of my readers who feel that everything is going down hill and not going to get better. Down hill is just a break from peddling so hard and everything always gets better it is the perspective you look at it.


Now, I will let people know, I can be one of the most disorganized person with OCD out there. So I will also allow those who read this to see and know how I am keeping things organized with a disorganized world. It is not as easy as it sounds, it just requires discipline.


First thing I suggest, open a gmail account that is just for surveys alone so you can keep up with them.

If you are going to write for money online, which I will also be looking into, set up a second email for that. Do not confuse or mix the two. It won’t stay organized, you will get overwhelmed and frustrated then all that hard work you did, is out the window. Way too much time invested after the sign ups if you ask me.


Second monitor and limit your time. You can get lost in the internet and forget about the people around you and the chores you need to do on a daily basis. There is a real life out there. Don’t forget that. This is just income or extra income for some.


I will post this journal first then move on to the next one as the day has come to an end.



Hello world, starting a new blog…

Ok, so I started this blog with no idea what I was going to write about as to the fact my mind is reeling from the last few months of a personal hell. I am broke, well aren’t most of us in the world today? So I have decided since no one seems to be able to answer my posting on Craigs list or Backpage, I will just do this myself and let people know how it goes. I guess like a consumer blog. Educational blog…I am not sure, it is a blog to say the least.

About me, I am just me, a single female trying to make it in today’s world. My goal, to become financially independent and motivated to help others achieve this as well. Maybe to get a few readers to follow me.

So here is the thing. I started looking to make money online for the last few weeks. You know did the normal posting to Craigs and Backpage only to get, ‘well what do you look like?’, ‘will you do nude photos?’, etc, etc…So as you see that was not going so well. I have been frustrated beyond belief and figured ok, let’s do this on our own.

I started by making this blog to begin with. I have a few out there, I never seem to be able to keep up. I am not sure why. I try very hard then get bored or well yeah bored. So then I started to look up how to make money online with writing. Ok so I will post my curriculum vitae on here and see if I get any hits for work as a freelancer. Until then it will be surveys and freelance writing for those who can find me and allow me to work for them. Until then I will write for my regulars that I wrote for so long ago and surveys that can pay. I will let you know how each survey goes only because I don’t know right now myself. Hey if they work out for me, they could work out for you right?

So here we go…the next post will be about the time it took to get connected with all these surveys. Though I have already done at least an hour of sign ups…catch you on the flip side…